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Having sex often is a great anxiety reliever and may help couples develop closer. Whether in a relationship or solo, knowing review how often committed people have sexual can present you with some insight in how completely happy you will be with your romance.


How often married people have sex depends on a number of factors. It depends on the demands of each spouse in the marriage. Several couples are happy with just a couple of sex visits each month, while others love making love more than that.

In a survey of more than 20, 000 couples, David Schnarch, Ph. Deb. found that lovers who had sex once a week had been the most content with their relationship. He also found that sex had a correlation with positive moods.

Research have also revealed that sex turns can vary among men and women. Those with low libido and boredom may not enjoy intimacy, when those with substantial libido and sexual attraction might be able to enjoy even more sex.

Age is also a factor. Research have shown that older adults tend to have a smaller amount sex than 10 years younger adults. People who find themselves inside their 40s and 50s frequently have sex only a couple of times per month, while those who are 62 or more aged often have having sex more than 20 times 12 months.

When you are having sexual problems with the partner, the first step is usually to understand why. This might always be due to past trauma, hormonal changes, or perhaps other physical issues. Those who are encountering a significant diminish in their sex drive should search for comprehensive support from healthcare professionals.