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10 days: Enduro tour through 3 types of landscapes – a savanna, mountains, subtropics

Get unforgettable impressions during a 10-day enduro journey through 3 types landscapes: a savanna, mountains, and subtropics. There literally are 3 continents in a country whose area is not larger than Bavaria.
Tour profile:
Route length:
about 1000 km
Maximum altitude:
3200 m above sea level
Landscape: the route goes through hills, plains, canyons, a semi-desert, forested montain ranges with soft soil, mountain rocky passes, subtropical areas along the shore of the Black Sea with palms and eucalyptus groves
Climate: the summer is hot or moderately hot in the mountain areas (similar to the climate of Central Europe), in the subtropical part of the route, the climate is humid subtropical
Route level: 1-3 (5-scale rating system)
Accommodation: double rooms in 3* hotels or traditional guest houses

Tour Programme:

An employee of RIM Adventures picks you up and brings you to the hotel in  the old centre of Tbilisi. After the arrival of the group, a briefing is organized at Rustavi International Motopark, where our office is located. During the briefing the participants receive all the necessary papers, information, instructions, and route maps and get acquainted with a guide. After the briefing, the group can check the rented equipment and take a test drive.

120 km of diverse off-road terrain towards the ancient Georgian capital Mtskheta. Depending on group riding skills, the first day of driving, with rocky descents and high-winding single trails, can be made very technical. We arrive at the Hotel Gino Wellness Mtskheta around 6:00 p.m.

-08:00 Breakfast
-08:45 Bus transfer to the garage and start on the motorcycles
-13:00 Lunch in the restaurant
-17:00 Arrival in Mtskheta

Route level: 1-3 (5-scale rating system)
Daily stages: 120 km
Off-road/asphalt(%): 90/10

The day begins with forest passages on the mountain bridge of the Lesser Caucasus. We arrive in Uplistzikhe around 3:30 p.m. The rock-hewn town from the 6th century B.C also served as a fortress. After visiting Uplistzikhe, we make our way to Josef Stalin’s hometown Gori. (Optionally, the day can also be designed so that we arrive in Gori earlier and have a look at the Stalin Museum.)

-08:00 Breakfast
-09:00 Start
-13:00 Lunch in the restaurant
-17:00 Arrival in Gori

Route level: 1-3 (5-scale rating system)
Daily stages: 100 km
Off-road/asphalt(%): 85/15

The day begins with a long ascent and in 20 minutes after the start we are already in the heart of the Trialeti Mountains. For lunch we drive down to the Dzama Valley, which is famouse by the large number of monasteries and fortresses. After noon we continue over the 2000 m high Schuano Pass to Bakuriani.

-08:00 Breakfast
-09:00 Start
-13:00 picnic in nature
-17:30 Arrival in Bakuriani

Route level: 1-3 (5-scale rating system)
Daily stages: 110 km
Off-road/asphalt(%): 90/10

Today we have the shortest riding day.  We explore the beautiful surroundings of Bakuriani, drive to Lake Tabatskuri and return to the hotel around 3:00 p.m. If you want to save energy, you have the opportunity to rest today. Bakuriani also offers good opportunities for hiking or horse riding.

-09:00 Breakfast
-10:00 Start
-15:00 Arrival and late lunch in the hotel restaurant

Route level: 1-2 (5-scale rating system)
Daily stages: 80 km
Off-road/asphalt(%): 95/05

We dive into the wide valleys, past the 2000 meter high Tabatskuri Lake, we continue through small villages in the Samtskhe-Javakhetien region. Alpine meadows alternate after midday with  roads with soft, sandy subsoil.  Around 16:30 we arrive in Akhaltsikhe.

-08:00 Breakfast
-09:00 Start
-12:00 Lunch in the restaurant
-16:30 Arrival in Akhaltsikhe

Route level: 1-3 (5-scale rating system)
Daily stages: 120 km
Off-road/asphalt(%): 90/10

One of the most beautiful riding days of the tour in Borjomi National Park, which brings us from Akhaltsikhe over the 2200 m high Zekari Pass to Sairme. Sairme is a well-known health resort in Georgia, where we can relax with the help of the local thermal baths and relaxation centers after exhausting days of driving. The spa town also offers other outdoor activities like zipline, target shooting  and much  more.

-08: 00 breakfast

-09: 00 departure

-13: 00 picnic in nature

-16: 00 arrival at the hotel

-18: 00 dinner

Difficulty level of the route: 1-3 out of 5

Total mileage of the day: 100 km

Off-Road Asphalt Ratio (%) 95/5

From Sairme we ride back over the Zekari Pass down to Abastumani and dive into the forests of the Black Sea region, Adjaria. Rocky climbs and descents in combination with beautiful views make out of today’s riding day a perfect enduro experience.

-08:00 Breakfast
-09:00 Start
-13:00 Picnic in nature
-17:00 Arrival at Goderdz Ski Resort

Route level: 1-3 (5-scale rating system)
Daily stages: 90 km
Off-road/asphalt(%): 95/05

Our destination on the last day of the journey is the beautiful port city on the Black Sea coast, Batumi. Shortly after leaving the hotel, we make a photo stop at the picturesque “Green Lake” and The ride continues to the Adjarian Mountains. After late lunch, we will stay on the asphalt road for 1,5 Hours to Batumi. The ride goes along the river “Adjaristsqali” in a beautiful valley surrounded by high mountains. Around 5:00 p.m. we arrive in the city of Batumi.

-08:00 Breakfast
-09:00 Start
-13:00 Picnic in nanure
-18:00 Arrival in Batumi

Route level: 1-3 (5-scale rating system)
Daily stages: 120 km
Off-road/asphalt(%): 80/20

Free time and departure.

Approximate route of the tour

10 Tage

Video of the Tour

Tour Price:
Minimum group size: 4 participants
Minimum group size: 10 participants
Number of participants 9-10 7-8 4-6
Price per person 2390 € 2460 € 2550 €

  • Accommodation in a double room with breakfast and lunch
  • Rental motorcycle BETA RR 480
  • Airport Service
  • Luggage transport
  • English speaking tour guides
  • Diesel for the service / escort vehicle
  • Mechanic services
  • Spare motorcycle
  • Not included:

  • Flight to / from Tbilisi
  • Single occupancy
  • Fuel 100 €
  • Dinners
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Insurance
  • Other expenses
  • Deposit:

  • The deposit (450€) must be paid prior to the beginning of the tour and will be returned in case of no damage
  • Cancellation Policy:

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days before the arrival date
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival
  • Book a tour