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“Extraordinary Experience – Best fun we had for while!”

Me and nearly dozen of colleagues strapped ourselves into a 110 HP Polaris Razr 1000 for an adventure across the Georgian desert that would make any adrenaline junkie weep tears of joy. The epic trip began with a bus trip from the Radisson Blu parking lot to KTM’s location in Rustavi, where our guide gave us a safety brief, we filled out our liability waivers (and acknowledgement of responsibility for damages) and loaded our three vehicles. After that, we strapped in to our respective cars and headed off cross-country to the David Gareji Monastery, climbing painted hills, crossing rivers, and flying across wide-open flat sections of painted sage and hearing Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild” in our heads. After a simple but tasty and filling lunch, we again mounted up and drove to David Gareja Monastery for a quick tour; then it was back home again, with another thrilling ride across Georgia’s wild desert with the wind blowing our hair back (no smell of Colitas, though). Each passenger is safely wrapped in a three-point harness with bucket seats, and protected with a full roll-cage. Helmets are available, as are goggles (while not forced upon you, they are recommended). The ride is smooth and comfortable, due to the Rzr’s 16 inch long-travel suspension, Walker Shocks, and 13 inch ground clearance.