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Hot-air balloons

Flying in a hot air balloon is an extremely emotional experience!

In Georgia, balloon flights mostly take place in the Alazani Valley, an ancient cultural center and the home of Georgian winemaking. All the tourist routes pass through this area. The valley stretches for more than one hundred kilometers along the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. The mountains rise majestically into the blue sky, their peaks topped with snow-white glaciers.


Beneath the hot air balloon gondola, vineyards and fruit orchards drift slowly by. They crisscross the valley in a patchwork of golden-orange and green squares. A silvery river meanders though abundant forests dotted with sparkling lakes, while the turrets of medieval fortresses and monasteries stretch skyward. Our tour program includes hot air balloon flights. They can also be incorporated into the tourist programs of our partners.

You can travel at 50 m above the ground and hold conversations with the people standing below, or fly over the mountain tops at an altitude of 2,000 m. Flying in a hot air balloon brings you into communion with the Great Mystery!

Hot air ballooning is very pleasant and requires no special training. Please, dress according to the weather; the temperature above is just one or two degrees lower. Don’t forget to take your camera.