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We always manage to surprise enduro riders who have already traveled around the world. The unstoppable desire to share the emotions of our tours with other enduro riders is our main motivation.

Over 12 years of experience and over 1000 satisfied customers in almost 200 successfully completed enduro, side by side and snow bike tours have taught us the most important thing. Some guests come just to enjoy technical enduro riding. Some want a mix of enduro, beautiful landscape and a bit of culture. For some, priorities change during the tour. So keep the hand on the pulse during the tour, have technically well-maintained motorcycles and very good knowledge of the route and love enduro riding. This is the only way to create an enduro experience in which every kilometer of the route is thoroughly thought out and different enduro elements flow seamlessly into one another. Where every viewpoint is approached from the right hill. Where every photo stop at a cultural or natural monument brings us closer to the country’s rich history and ancient culture and where our guests really feel like guests and not just ordinary tourists. So for us the answer to the question, why are we doing this? Is very simple! Because this is the best job in the whole world!






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From Munich, Memmingen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Riga, Warschau or Vienna you have a direct flight of around 3½ hours to Kutaisi in the west of the country or to the capital Tbilisi. 3 different climate zones on 70,000 km², which we are allowed to drive on LEGALLY, guarantee terrain variety and enduro fun for beginners and advanced enduro enthusiasts. 3 peaks over 5000 m and 3000 m high passable passes are just a few hours' drive from the semi-desert and subtropical rainforests. You will be amazed by the fantastic, untouched nature and the overwhelming landscape that accompany you from one climate zone to the next..... For a long time, the world's paths crossed in Georgia. It was not only an important base on the Silk Road, but also the destination of many great historical trends. The chronology of this truly ancient nation and one of the world's greatest enduring civil societies dates back 3,000 years. Due to its location in the Caucasian mountains, Georgia was a predestined way station for travelers and traders, explorers and also occupiers such as Greeks, Russians, Arabs, Persians, Armenians, Mongols and Turks for thousands of years. It is a truly special country: rich in ancient ruins, castles, churches, waterfalls, glaciers, mineral springs, deserts and beaches, forests and steppes

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